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Landry CONSEIL is an advisory firm involved in finance, accountancy and audit based in Versailles (France).

We accompany medium size companies, start ups and non-profit organisations in their day-to-day management, growth, optimisation and training.

We advise larger firms when they change their Information System, integrate an acquired company, undertake internal controls and/or need extra human ressources at year-end accounting closure.

We also act as Chartered accountants and provide an audit opinion on financial statements.



11 January 2019

Toute l’équipe du cabinet vous souhaite, ainsi qu’à tous ceux qui vous sont chers, une très belle année 2019.


Contact-us :

LANDRY Conseil
4, av de Sceaux
78000 Versailles
Tél : 01 85 36 01 90

Corporations and Non-Profit Organisations

Entreprises et associations


You are a business Corporate Manager, an Entrepreneur or a Non-Profit Organisation Manager and you need to be supported by an external adviser to efficiently drive your projects for acquiring new business, generating further growth, optimising the existing structure or managing your day-to-day business.



Our team of experts will offer you a global approach :

On a day-to-day basis ...

Accounting, Tax and Legal Assistance

  • Full management of your accounting, tax and legal processes
  • Anticipation of potential hurdles (regular follow-up meetings)
  • Set up key performance indicators and timely progress reports
  • Build Cashflow & Treasury plans and compare actual figures vs. forecasts

Human Resources

  • Write contrats of employment
  • Prepare payroll
  • Legals obligations (posting, election, healt and security)
  • Health coverage and pension
  • Training (managing colleagues, changes in Business, Accounting and Tax)

Cost Optimisation

  • Diagnostic of structural costs
  • Identification of potential cuts/savings
  • Cost cutting/saving implementation
  • Support in re-negociating supplier contrats

And also...


  • Analyse your project and advise on the best legal form of the company
  • Write by-laws
  • Presentation of startup aids
  • Accompany in administrative procedures

Project financing

  • Review of the project financing requirements according to the credit standards of the company
  • Build a solid business plan
  • Be part to the negociation process with banking and financial institutions

M&A transactions

  • Business Valuation
  • Financial « Due diligence »
  • Seek potential buyers (selling mandate)

Asset and Tax Management for business owners

  • Diagnostic your private and professional situation
  • Seek tax optimisation
  • Set up Asset Management strategy

Human Resources

Assistance ressources humaines


You are a business Corporate Manager, a sole entrepreneur or Non-Profit Organisation Manager and you feel like needing to delegate to an external adviser certain aspects of Human Ressources such as : payroll, hiring, writing employment contracts, training and career development, etc.



Thanks to the contribution of our partners, we are in a position to offer you tailored-made multi-expert packages :

On a day-to-day basis...

Payroll and labour

  • Write employment contracts
  • Prepare payroll
  • Manage sick leave
  • Set up Social tax returns

Social protection

  • Audit of health, social and pension policy
  • Conform with collective health coverage new legal frameworks and obligations


  • Review training policy
  • Conduct training sessions on :
    • Business management, Accounting and Tax
    • Human management and communication
    • Managing time and improve personal organisation

And also...

Audit and optimisation of payroll

  • Audit of global salaries
  • Review of procedures
  • Advise on governmental subsidies and incentives

Hiring new people

  • Expertise in accounting, services, consulting market segments and jobs
  • Implementation of a complete hiring strategy (from offer to end of the probation period)


  • High level new job responsabilities Prise de fonction à fort enjeu
  • Increase professionalism in management at all levels
  • Sort out complex situations
  • Optimise your organisation
  • Skill assessment

Chief Finance Officer or General Manager

Services aux directeurs des affaires financières et aux directeurs généraux


You are Chief Finance Officer (CFO) or General Manager (GM) of a structured Group. You feel like needing support from an external advisor to drive your projects for growth / restructuring, to benefit from extra human ressources to prepare your year-end accounts or to improve your internal control process.



As coordinators or fully integrated within your own staff, we are at your side to implement :

Consolidated Financial Reporting

  • Year-end closing of the Accounts
  • Professional advice on complex accounting issues
  • Improve your closing process (fast close)
  • Write or update your Accounting Standards Manual
  • Prepare your impairment tests
  • First consolidation of accounts (IFRS* or French gaap)
  • IFRS* updates and training

Internal Control

  • Internal Audits of entities or transversal processes
  • Definition and updates of a Map Risks
  • Identification of best practices within the Group or outside

M&A transactions

  • Financial Due diligence
  • Valuation of businesses / assets
  • Selling mandate (research of potential buyers, organisation of the selling process)
  • Financial engineering (set-up of Joint Ventures, feasibility study)

Your benefits :

    • An offer adjusted to your needs, agenda and budget
    • A project management with regular reportings, follow-ups, deliverables and deadlines
    • A dedicated team of experts involved in your project.

* IFRS : International Financial Reporting Standards

Chartered Accountant

Commissariat aux Comptes (CAC)

Your legal environment requires an audit opinion on your financial statements ?

Or you wish to obtain an audit opinion to provide confidence to your stakeholders ?

Or you undertake a restructuring plan within your Group (merger, acquisition, disposal) that requires a Chartered Accountant ?



As Chartered Accountant, our approach is driven by a high level of long-standing dedication and reactivity. We anticipate the issues that may pave the way of your transactions and ongoing activities.

On a day-to-day basis...

Audit opinion on financial statements

  • Legal or volontary audit assignments
  • An unqualified opinion to provide confidence to third parties (shareholders, partners, banks, customers, suppliers,...)
  • Improvement of internal control process and reliability of the financial information delivered
  • Anticipation of potential issues in the near future
  • Audit approach adapted to your company and to the market in which it operates (industry, services, non-profit organisation)

And also...

M&A transactions

  • Valuation of assets in the context of acquisition, capital increase or merger
  • Legal report in case of a change of the legal form, such as the transformation of a SARL into a SAS

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