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Human Resources

Assistance ressources humaines


You are a business Corporate Manager, a sole entrepreneur or Non-Profit Organisation Manager and you feel like needing to delegate to an external adviser certain aspects of Human Ressources such as : payroll, hiring, writing employment contracts, training and career development, etc.



Thanks to the contribution of our partners, we are in a position to offer you tailored-made multi-expert packages :

On a day-to-day basis...

Payroll and labour

  • Write employment contracts
  • Prepare payroll
  • Manage sick leave
  • Set up Social tax returns

Social protection

  • Audit of health, social and pension policy
  • Conform with collective health coverage new legal frameworks and obligations


  • Review training policy
  • Conduct training sessions on :
    • Business management, Accounting and Tax
    • Human management and communication
    • Managing time and improve personal organisation

And also...

Audit and optimisation of payroll

  • Audit of global salaries
  • Review of procedures
  • Advise on governmental subsidies and incentives

Hiring new people

  • Expertise in accounting, services, consulting market segments and jobs
  • Implementation of a complete hiring strategy (from offer to end of the probation period)


  • High level new job responsabilities Prise de fonction à fort enjeu
  • Increase professionalism in management at all levels
  • Sort out complex situations
  • Optimise your organisation
  • Skill assessment

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