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Chartered Accountant

Commissariat aux Comptes (CAC)

Your legal environment requires an audit opinion on your financial statements ?

Or you wish to obtain an audit opinion to provide confidence to your stakeholders ?

Or you undertake a restructuring plan within your Group (merger, acquisition, disposal) that requires a Chartered Accountant ?



As Chartered Accountant, our approach is driven by a high level of long-standing dedication and reactivity. We anticipate the issues that may pave the way of your transactions and ongoing activities.

On a day-to-day basis...

Audit opinion on financial statements

  • Legal or volontary audit assignments
  • An unqualified opinion to provide confidence to third parties (shareholders, partners, banks, customers, suppliers,...)
  • Improvement of internal control process and reliability of the financial information delivered
  • Anticipation of potential issues in the near future
  • Audit approach adapted to your company and to the market in which it operates (industry, services, non-profit organisation)

And also...

M&A transactions

  • Valuation of assets in the context of acquisition, capital increase or merger
  • Legal report in case of a change of the legal form, such as the transformation of a SARL into a SAS

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